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~Guiding Your Journey WithIN~

'Anita lights the path, you choose your journey.....Finding space to experience quiet reflection and stillness can be  elusive  in our busy suburban lives. Anita provides an oasis into which she embraces all seekers of wisdom, enlightenment and growth. From strategies for promoting mindfulness, to the gentle soul dance of body awareness, every session opens a door to a different way of seeing the Universe and your place in it. An opportunity to experience Anita's workshops can be life changing. It was for me.'


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Angelight Yoga
Angelight Yoga
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                                                It is wonderful to connect with you. 

                            My name is Anita Hamilton – ‘Guiding your journey withIN’. 

 As a certified Yoga Teacher/Trainer,  Angel Intuitive, Angel Card Reader, Energy/Shamanic Healer, and Chakradance devotee....I am very much committed to living passionately and purposefully, not to mention lovingly lighting the way as we guide each other ‘home’. 


Since 2008, I have owned and facilitated a unique  Yoga & Meditation Studio known as Angelight Yoga. In the past year I have been lovingly working on the transformation of this sacredspace into 'Shambhala Sanctuary'. Situated on an abundant 1.5 acres in the Brisbane Bayside area, it is very much a Haven for movement, healing and self-connection.

As an earth mumma to 3 beautiful angels,  it is my on-going intention to walk in my authentic truth and create a loving space where personally and collectively we can live more consciously.  

My blessing is for you to live in ‘Ceremony to Self’ – by incorporating awareness, mindfulness, self-care gratitude and compassion into your daily life and to respond to each call that EXCITES and IGNITEs your Spirit.  I very much encourage and facilitate all of these values in my teachings, through exploring the surrendered flow of  movement, conscious breath and inner connection. 


                I believe in magic, miracles, the teacher withIN and most importantly…

                                         'I love what I do, and I do what I love’. 

                       I shall feel humbled & blessed to share sacred space with you,

                            and very much look forward to our Journeying together.
                                                               Namaste, Anita

Shambhala Soul Sanctuary:

772 New Cleveland Road, Gumdale~ Queensland ~ Australia

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Guiding Your Journey withIN

We hold and offer much compassion at this time of change, evolution and growth on all levels withIN and our global communities. In order to stay connected and to nurture and nourish body, mind and spirit, we are are transitioning& trialling our current services into ONLINE offerings. We are 'all' in this together and look forward to holding heart and healing space with you in whichever way serves your soul - online or in person when the 'divine time'

arrives once again. 

Our sessions very much take you on a personal Journey - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  Our soul soothing sessions are available in our Shambhala Sanctuary, Bayside Brisbane Australia.

Open to ALL divine beings, ALL levels of practise are welcome.

We offer a  Vin/Yin  inspired YOGA session, balancing and harmonising the inner masculine/feminine energies, incorporating divinely guided wisdom, healing and physical stretching/releasing/replenishing - with an overall focus on harmonising one's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Personalised One on One YOGA Sessions Online or IStudio

Please Click Here


ONLINE & In STUDIO Angel Readings and Guidance 

Please Click Here


Please Enquire for more information click Here

                                   EXCLUSIVE YOGA SESSIONS 

       These sessions (via ZOOM or in studio) are customised to bring balance, peace and a direction to your life. 


                               These are personalised/private sessions at a time that aligns and flows for you.




Taking care of your energy system through movement and sound healing with the Chakras and living

more fully and synergised as a 'conscious be-ing'. 


Please visit Chakradance page for more info.


-Soul Guidance on ONE area of your life and the tools to move forward - 

mentally, emotionally, physically , spiritually.

Creates direction, clarity, support and tools to navigate through your life with harmony.



-Includes all or combination of Card Reading, Energy/Angel Healing, Yoga/Movement, Shamanic practises.

Deeply powerful 2 hour sessions to provide relief, reset, recalibration and revitalisation to body, mind and spirit. 



   These ONLINE  exclusive offerings will are individually tailored so that you can create a ceremony for Self,

                                                                       on your own time in your own space.

    Offering deep connection and love for self, release dis-ease in body, mental well-being, create 'embodiment'

          of new energy and connection to your physical body, inspection, vitality and direction to living more 

                                                                  purposefully and passionately. 



WORKPLACE YOGA & Corporate Relief Packages 

To enhance and harmonise the workspace.

Increase connection, productivity, self care/aware through a variety of techniques and offerings. 

Customised packages available, please reach out for more information.


Set up of personal altar/sanctuary (home/work). 

Assists with clearing, harmonising and energising your personal spaces. 


Please message me for further details regarding all of these services.


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