Conscious CommUnity

     "We RISE by supporting & lifting others"

I am forever grateful for my soul family of sacred brothers and sisters guiding, weaving and sharing their many gifts of all things divine to the collective.

This page is designed to share and showcase the extraordinary support available to you here & now!

I invite you to meander through the following divine directory of Messengers, and reach out to whomever sets off the siren in your soul & lights the candle of your Spirit. 

ALL of these beautiful light bearers have had a profound impact on my path to 'home'. :) 

Blessings of the Heart 💜 Way on your Journey,


                                        www.soulvibesstudio.com - Belinda McKnoulty

                                                           Compression Therapy, Body Work, Massage, Nutrition, Healing as well as awesome Web Design


With Passion, Creativity, Honour and Integrity we are organically the Teachers and Therapistsof the New World in Alternative Medicine. 

We Strive to uphold freedom of speech, healing and choice in a world that deserves authenticity. 

We create a learning environment for all of our people to embrace their own unique gifts in a safe and supportive environment for growth and potential.

We show Honour to our ancestors and those before us who have allowed us the freedom to work beyond the realms.  Our Promise to our People is to show only kindness and allow each and every person to experience Love and Compassion.






www.ninecarat.com.au - Jamie Meyer

'Nine Carat  business consulting specialises in the optimisation
​of your business, offering an exclusive & tailored service that is a rare gem'


We are an advantageous Firm, committed to understanding you and your Business. We have a flair for appraising the nuances of a Business, where it faces limitations, its hurtles, the cavities that develop or the refracted bewilderment of evolution. Working within and capitalising on, ever evolving Markets and Business Environments.
Through our Business Specialist Services, we will reignite and optimise your Business Vision, Passion and Purpose.
Elevating your Business and cultivating it to maximise its lustre.

​No matter the size or stage of your Business, your history or experience  at Nine Carat Business Consulting we recognise

that even large Corporations struggle to translate their successes or to actualise their Vision.



www.themeditationmechanic.com.au - Kurt Iwanina

Cosmic Shaman, Mentor, Meditation Master

I wish to open hearts by simply sharing mine with the world.I wish to open your eyes to see the true beauty that is life, through all that I express.I wish to bring a deeper awareness to the power of looking within.My intention is to reach out and connect with people on a deep and sacred level.

To share my words, to share my music, to share my teaching, my healing, and my presence of love and peace in all that I do.

To open a platform for people to heal, for people to awaken to truth, to align with a pure space of love. To share the ancient wisdom that has been passed onto me, to teach people how to find their peace, their stillness in this noisy world that surrounds us. To share the wisdom of the ancient ones through ceremony, through sound and through the passage of speech.

I am here to hold space for all that need my help. I am here to share from my heart and to teach others how to live from this space. To remind all beings of their true nature and to be a clear mirror for you all to see the beauty that lies within.I would also love to reach out to my brothers my sisters all over the world. I ask for those that feel this calling, that feel my words may we come together in this great and powerful time in history. May we all find each other and share together, may we open our hearts, open our space and may we collaborate all over the world.In supporting others sharing the same energy of the sacred heart, we unite again as one family. There is magical work awaiting us my friends and I would love to join with you and share together in balance and harmony. With the deepest of love in my heart, I wish you all the greatest of blessings.  Kurt Iwanina - The Cosmic Shaman  xxoo


www.chezhealingarts.com.au - Chez Hackett

Home of ~ Healing Art, Healing Reiki Sessions, Women's Temple Circles and Temple Yoga.

Healing Art is being born as we speak.  I love to apply Reiki to my art.  It is very receptive to receiving it also.  As soon as I start to focus on sending the Reiki energy into my art I can feel my hands heat up and the energy begins to vibrate around my hands. I feel like the art draws it in like a vacuum.  When I am creating, I feel that I am being guided by my spirit helpers.  I believe Art has a way of finding  just the right person to take ownership and receive the healing energy that is enclosed in the art~peace.  I especially love to create custom pieces as I get the chance to channel with the clients energy and make the piece that is just right for them & their needs.  My clients really connect to their art peace as they feel the energy within. They become friends with their art, perhaps even life partners.  The relationship grows and whenever they are with their art peace they feel at home & never alone. There is communication between the two and it is often felt very strongly.   Art is energy.


www.forlucy.com.au - Gillian Bennett

    'The Gumdale Shaman'

Here you will find divine handcrafted plant based personal care, including soaps, balms, and essences.

Created with meditation, blessings and sacred geometry to ensure their utmost power for you in body and spirit.

Taking care of your body is more than just using good soap, moisturiser and other personal care products. You are much more than just this physical presence. 
To enter into a wellness contract with yourself, you must care for your skin, your spirit and your body. I offer the means to take care of all of you. 
I utilise plant oils to ensure the products are sustainable, ethical and cruelty free, thus ensuring your wellness starts from the outside in. 
I offer also meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, Ayurvedic Hot Stone Therapy, and Shiatsu.
Part of your holistic self care can include a subscription for text or email or other social media connection of your choice for 20 days whereby I contact you as a reminder to take a sacred pause,to connect with yourself.

www.photohunter.com.au - Sam Hunter 



"Keep your profiles updated" I say, and "feel great about your branding".

Choosing a style is the easy part for me, getting in front of the lens is the hard part. WHY? ....
The 2 Top excuses we make. Including me.
🤓   I'm not photogenic🤓   I don't have time And for some..... 🤓   I don't know where to start
First Impressions do count and having your photo professionally taken means more than just showing up and smiling. 
To find out what gives you that EDGE to your images, click on the below link for your complimentary Discovery Session.
I'm looking forward chatting with you 😊 https://www.photohunter.com.au/book-online



  www.itspersonal.com.au - Dawn Parker~Jones

It’s Personal Boutique Hair Lounge

feel the calm, the tranquility and the relaxing vibes at our unique hair salon in the heart of Capalaba.

We love watching our clients transform from stressed to calm as they enjoy being pampered and cared for with one to one attention.

The noise and buzz of a traditional salon has no place in our lounge. We have replaced the noise with soft music and beautiful essential oils. We have replaced the buzz with relaxing head massages and personal attention. Our service is all about you from start to finish, without interruptions and without waiting for others to finish.

Salon owner, Dawn Parker-Jones has spent over half her life managing hair salons, with a wide variety of salon styles and experiences. Dawn’s vision is to provide a unique hairdressing experience for clients, with peace, tranquility and uplifting energy. The lounge has become a sanctuary for clients and friends to relax and enjoy time out from the everyday stresses of life. Experience the joy of a fresh new look, with personal time and attention from a skilled professional hairdresser.

If you’re tired of the busy salon experience, call today and book your appointment at It’s Personal, where it’s Always About You!


www.vibrantwomen.com.au - Tammie Day

Vibrant Women provides retreats and inspirational journeys for women -Shared adventures in extraordinary places

Bespoke, curated, fully escorted, small group women’s travel  - Experiences for the soul...


We have developed our retreats and inspirational journeys with comfort, natural beauty, friendship, uniqueness, giving back and affordability in mind. 

Vibrant Women holidays are suitable for women over the age of 18 who are travelling on their own or with friends. You don’t need to think about anything just arrive and everything else is taken care of for you. Solo travellers can take the opportunity to re-invent themselves, reflect and do some exploring on their own as well as in the group. People travelling with friends will have wonderful memories to share well into the future. Read other women’s testimonials to see what it is you can experience. One of the reasons we started running our own meaningful holidays was because we couldn’t find a package that met our personal  preferences. A lot of tours we found we liked the sound of, but perhaps the balance of activities weren’t right, or it was just the typical sights and we wanted something out of the box. 

We wanted to have fun, eat good food, make new friends, explore a different culture, relax and rejuvenate, soak in the beauty of a different landscape and learn something new about ourselves. We also wanted to nurture busy women by taking the hassle out of travel for them. 

This is what we hope we have created for you. We would love you to join us ♥



www.beanietompkins.com - Beanie Tompkins

Kinesiologist, Soul Retrieval, Sound Healing, Energy Healing 

By unlocking your limitations you place on yourself, looking at all things physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and environmental… 

You and I will re shape your entire beingness into a whole new dimension of free will, love and flow...

Otherwise known as, put you in a position where you feel Ok enough to make your own life choices, to feel comfortable feeling

And then....you can start allowing your life to happen!


www.amberhawken.com - Amber Hawken 

I’m a speaker, writer and teacher.


 Mostly, I’m just boldly facetious. Our philosophy is to cultivate a conscious awareness for deeper self and life connection by changing the way we use our mind and thus, see the world through balanced eyes and experience it’s diversity as the adventure it is. Amber Hawken is the head of a small, multi-faceted Australian company serving multiple audiences including private companies, government institutions, school and university education systems and the everyday community through retreats, keynote speaking, a best selling book, private coaching, online programs, workshops, and festivals. She also founded Calm Mind Co, a conscious-driven initiative created to shape conscious leaders and shift cultures using mindfulness, meditation and mindset, beginning first with the individual and then rippling into the collective. With a Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Amber is also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist and Meditation Teacher. Amber is the author of a number one best selling book, The Unfu*kwithable Life and hosts the podcast and YouTube series, The Amber Hawken Show.

www.youcameagain.com.au - Nicola Stone 

                                                                   VEGAN Tapas Bar West End, Brisbane


                                                                                                Where everything is Gluten Free and made with shit loads of love...

www.megankoufos.com - Megan Koufos

 Welcome to your Remembrance & Creation of your Legacy.

I’m here as a Keeper of Cosmic Codes & bridge between the cosmos & Earth, as a guide and voice for Starseeds, Spirited Kids & Kids in Spirit.

As a maverick mama (to 4 starseeds), a wife to my lover of 20 years, INFJ, Capricorn Aquarius cusp, with Scorpion rising & Libra moon, Channel for The Council of Light & Collective Consciousness of The New Earth Evolutionary Children, and steward for The New Earth (R)Evolutionary Archetypes –  I bring a unique embodiment of practical magic and cosmic creation. To create a unique, like nothing else, galactivated multidimensional smorgasboard of offerings, integrated in the practicality of everyday life, motherhood, soul & purpose to be the cosmically activated creative artist of your own beautifully chaotic messy life.Dancing between the realms of Darkness & Light, The Cosmic & Earth To Bring you Deeply within to Remember, Activate, Anchor & Expand in your Divine Sovereign Mastery.



www.avajewels.com.au - Emma Patrick

Hi beauties! I'm Emma and welcome to Ava Jewels, the offering I share with the world. 

Here you will find the jewels I design and handcraft for your spiritual practice and life journey. 

My life-long relationship with yoga, meditation and passion for education has also led me on the path to hold space for others and is expressed through workshops and women's circles held in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers of Australia. 
My credentials include teacher (B. Arts, Dip. Ed.) Reiki II Practitioner, creator of japa mala beads and above all loving mum, wife, sister, daughter, friend.



https://thecollectivestore.com.au - Belinda Skeen

                                           We ONLY stock beautiful, well-made handmade goods. Wynnum, Queensland, Australia. 

                             The Collective Store is an artist co-op, it’s a handmade market-place, it’s a mecca for those who shop ethically and think forward.

                                   The Collective Store has been proudly supporting Australia’s makers and designers since 2010.






www.apothecarybotanica.com.au - Erica Baxter 

We stock raw ingredients for skincare and wellness, including:

bees wax ~ shea butter ~ castile soap ~ clays ~ herbs. Bulk oils, inc: jojoba, rosehip & coconut. We also supply bottles and jars.

Please bring your own jar for a zero waste option.Shop for crystals, books, locally made natural skincare products, handmade jewellery, cleansing sage, tarot, oracle decks and gifts.Shopping here is a full sensory experience with a radiant, relaxed vibe. It’s also due to the crystals, natural essential oils, herbs and of course the fresh sea air near the Manly Harbour, Queensland, Australia.

Jenningsaccounts@yahoo.com - Suzanne Jennings

Bookkeeping Services and Account Management SE Qld

BAS, MYOB & Xero setup and support, Bank reconciliation, Payroll



Facebook: Mystical Loving Muse - Laarnie Whyte

Peace loving earth sister, healer, card reader, Medicine Woman  and sister of INSpiration

https://lightsourceconnection.com - Mary Elaine Buenconsejo

Mary Elaine is a multidimensional medicine woman.

a seer, visionary, truth holder, wholeness energy healer and wholistic physical therapist – who has been practicing for over 17 years. She is passionate about helping people change their relationship to pain and disconnection, and experience deep soul healing by uncovering the root cause and activating rapid transformational healing from within. Born with psychic gifts, abilities, and a deep rooted connection with the natural magical world we live in, Mary Elaine has been using these abilities for nearly two decades to help individuals experience healing at a cellular and soul level.

https://www.citycave.com.au - Wynnum, Qld

Float Tank, Massage, Sauna 

We aim to increase longevity in our communities through tailored healthcare, adding quality years back to your life.

Whether it’s physical, mental or biological, each site offers a range of float therapy, infrared saunas, massage and specific practitioners to assist you in your journey through health.

http://www.pipherbert.com - Grounded Guidance 

Clairvoyant, Angel Intuitive, Healer

Pip Herbert is a gifted clairvoyant, psychic, medium, Angel intuitive, energy worker and spiritual coach based in Brisbane, Australia

It took me a while to become used to the term psychic – it may sound strange to you but before I became ‘a psychic’ I had never had a psychic reading. I did not realize that what I could do was different. I’ve worked in some great roles in small business and corporate and always had a burning desire to make a difference, though never would have guessed this is what I would be doing (crazy hey – I’m meant to be psychic!!) Over recent years I have sharpened my intuitive abilities so that I can live a life of being joyfully connected to my higher self. Through this experience, I have learned about loving myself for who I am and become very clear on my purpose. I feel very grateful to have this gift to help others on their journey.In all of my readings I will use any of my skills and all of my intuitive abilities to bring you whatever is in your highest good at that time – be prepared that I do not sugar coat and will pass on to you all that I am ‘told’ to. This may be the truth you have been searching for and the shake up you need in your life, and for those facing big changes you may like to see me regularly over a period of time so that your spiritual posse can be with you to help you through the next phase in your journey. I have also helped many to bring closure to their families through contacting the spirit world and providing answers and guidance.

Part of my purpose is to teach that we all have intuitive and psychic abilities and I offer support to those wanting to develop their intuition through personalized mentoring and group workshops.



Plus many more messengers to be shared here...

please stay tuned xo