Customised Self Investment Packages 


It feels wondrous to connect and assist on guiding your Journey withIN. 


I invite you to Immerse yourself into the exclusive offering of a Personalised and Tailored Package with me,
to suit and serve your highest good.


These exclusive offerings will are individually tailored so that you can create a ceremony for Self,

on your own time in your own space …. 



1 Hour Initial Consultation

4 x Tailored 90 Minute Sessions with Anita

Weekly Check Ins


*Initial Consultation, 1 Hour Online Consultation – Facebook Messenger (preferred) or ZOOM.

At this time Intentions will be set and the direction of your personal programme initiated.

*4 x 90 Minute Sessions crafted by Anita Hamilton; including all/or a combination of;

YOGA Asana

Breath Techniques

Body Movement

Mantra (Chanting)

Intuitive Guidance

Angel Card Readings

Tools/tips and inspirational wisdom to honour the intentions set for our time together

*Weekly check–ins to invite and sustain accountability and responsibility to Self, and add value to the development of content for your evolving journey.

All Sessions will be individually pre-recorded and sent to you via a Dropbox Link for you to access via email. 

Each transmission is to be practiced a minimum of 3 times before the next instalment is shared.  Please take as long as you require for the instalment to serve it’s full offering – there is no pressure of timing. Please check in to let me know how you are responding to the sessions as this will add value and energy to the instalments yet to come, These  check-ins and refinements will take place, weaving a space that is supportive, enriching and expansive on all levels of body, mind and spirit.


Self -Investment: 

$550 AUD DEPOSIT (non-refundable) required at time of Initial Consultation.

This also includes delivery of the 1st video instalment. 

Remaining Balance due on delivery of 2nd video Instalment.

Please reach out for full Package Pricing




I look forward to our time together, 

Love and light,