Hiring Haven


A warm and wondrous welcome to our Online Sanctuary.  

This is our 'Hiring Haven' where you are able to rent one of our YOGA sessions for a 72 hr period.

This is a safe, supported haven designed to honour, serve and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Practising on your own divine time and in a sacred space that serves your highest self, this is a golden opportunity to take radical responsibility for your well-being (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

Our content will be shuffled around regularly, providing practises and sessions to accompany your ongoing Journey of self growth, care and connection.

Please read on to review more of what this platform has to offer your beauty~full body, mind and spirit. 









Some of the benefits of regular self - devotion and asana practises are:


*Reduce stress, tension and anxiety.
*Unwind your mind and create calm, clear & peaceful mental, physical and emotional bodies
*Improve flexibility, cardiovascular and overall physical health (dissolving dis-ease)

*Stabilise, energise and awaken your cellular be-ing and energy field to a state of equilibrium & harmony.
*Cultivate and enhance self-love and self-acceptance by honouring your body as a temple of sacred divinity, living with more motivation, freedom and abundance

*Live a life in gratitude, heightened awareness and appreciation
*Be present in the here and now moment and the power and peace it brings to your daily experiences.
*A safe and nurturing space to reveal and release pain, suffering and trauma from all levels of your be-ing
*Conscious breath techniques to slow down and balance your nervous system

*An overall increased feeling of personal harmony and HAPPINESS. 
* Welcoming the fortified energy of our cyber community, you shall receive the collective healing vibrations with our global-soul-tribe of love and light.

And to sum it up...

*A wonderful way to add some zen to your day, with Yoga on demand, at a time and place that serves and suits you best. The perfect accompaniment to ‘life on the go’.

Tips to our Sessions:

*Please ‘feel’ into and respond to the offering/s that currently calls to your body, mind and spirit.

Current Yoga sessions for hire are at the bottom of this page. 

*I invite you to set up a sacred space with minimal distractions, light a candle, place crystals and totems nearby, instruments (medicine drum, rattle, singing bowls) ...

perhaps burn some incense/holy smoke (to cleanse and initiate ritual).

*Set your ‘sankalpa’ (intention for your session at commencement & closure)
This will continue to reverberate into your daily life as a vibrational prayer.

*Yoga is best practised on a lightly filled stomach, as it works very deeply on the digestive organs – moving monumental and magical amounts of fresh, vital energy through your system. Small sips of water may accompany your journey on the mat, however for optimum results it best to come to your session well hydrated and the fewer ‘stimulants’ (caffeine etc) on board, the better.


YOGA Practise Levels:

Please refer to the following guidance when selecting your offerings.

Bud: Low intensity 

New to Yoga, lighter and shorter practise session, keen to learn the basics of Yoga.

Blossom: Low to medium intensity 

For those with a good understanding of the basic Yoga asanas and have a strong relationship with synchronisation of breath and movement. Sessions are a longer and deeper adventure along the mat.


Bouquet: Medium to high intensity 

Advanced sessions with longer and juicier asana sessions – a variety of Yoga styles including breathwork and wisdom keeping 

The Sacred Garden: All are welcome here

You are most welcome to attune to ANY of my classes, modifying, adjusting and honouring the practise that serves your highest good at all times. Yoga is also very powerful as a form of visualisation through the transference of vibrational energy. You may wish to watch the whole session as a form of therapy and healing rather than do the physical asanas– and directing the energy into your body.

Afterall, ‘where your awareness goes, the energy flows’ 

Please stay tuned~in for our 'elevated' online platforms, that are to be released SOON!

Love and light, 


‘Yoga is the Journey of the Self,

Through the Self,
To the Self’ 

~Bhagavhad Gita~