A guided journey to awaken the gifts that already reside within,

and explore the PEACE & POWER this brings to your life.

       Initiation / Activation / Expansion

      Immersion 2020

How wonderful to feel ‘curious’ with life, seeking to explore new pathways & experiences destined to awaken, refine & enrich your highest calling and truth...whilst cultivating sustainable inner harmony, peace and love - to live more passionate and purposefully each and every moment!


Our Immersions in 2020, will offer a series of interludes to dive deeper into your Body, Mind & Spirit, releasing entanglements and attachments, fine~tuning the inherent sacred gifts you embody, and inspiring you to explore a myriad of spiritual tools & techniques to accompany your RISE in consciousness. 

PART Journey ~ $488 AUD per Immersion -

Participate in one or more of the monthly Immersions on offer

FULL Journey ~ 3200 AUD.

Includes 6 Immersions, meeting once a month This also includes a weekend Sanctuary Retreat

DEPOSIT: $999 AUD for FULL Journey to secure your sacred space in our circle (non refundable). 

Come and join our sacred circle each month, 

and be Guided on a personal healing and harmonising journey withIN. 



A divine opportUNITY to explore, remember and awaken to your True-Self...


Immersion ONE 

Foundations of YOGA: 

Soul~Group Initiation, Yoga Philosophy, Yogic Life~Style, Asana Alignment 


Immersion TWO 


Signature Angelight Yoga teachings, creating/holding sacred space, introduction to using Oracle Cards, Creative Yoga~Asana Sequencing  


Immersion THREE 


Types of Meditation , Mantra/Mala, Breathwork/Pranayama Techniques. 


    Immersion FOUR 



 Identify the main Archangels and ways to communicate with the Angelic realms, Giving and receiving  Angel/Oracle Card Readings, meet your very own Guardian Angel

      Immersion FIVE



Chakras (what are they, how to use/connect with them) and  
Crystals (how to use them, initiate, cleanse & heal with them) 

Immersion SIX

The SHAMAN's Way:

 Shamanic Teaching and Traditions, incorporating the 4 Directions,

Plant Medicine, Shamanic Ceremony

Immersion SEVEN: RETREAT Days (for whole~journey participants only)


Daily Self Connection ~ ritual affirmation, journaling, meditation, asana,

Practise of allocated Mantra (new one each month) 

Sacred & 'Secret' Facebook Page to keep connected and held
Individual Inquiry through research, reading, staying curious! 

How wonder~full to answer the call that ignites & excites your Spirit!

*    All immersions take place at Shambhala Soul Sanctuary, Gumdale Qld
*    No previous experience/certifications required…open to ALL divine beings
*    Special Guests/Messengers may be invited to Immersions to
enrich the experience on offer.
*    Certificate will be issued upon completion of ‘Full Journey’
*    Participation Certificate will be issued for ‘Part Journey’

Please reach out for details regarding this soul investment ($) or for further

information & clarification