• Anita Hamilton



Presented by Soulful Sister Sammy~Josephine @ Angelight Yoga Soul Sanctuary

FRIDAY 15th February 🌟6pm til 9pm🌟

Come & feel supported and held in a nurturing circle of💗LOVE💗, to clear the way for your body’s natural healing & alignment to occur by exploring...

🌟Breath of Bliss ~ see info below Conscious Movement & Mindfulness 💎Soothing Sound Healing

🌹$33 soul~investment

A truly sublime offering to cultivate deeper self love, awareness, acceptance and connection withIN. I was so deeply moved when I experienced this with Sammy for the first time. I ‘highly’ recommend you come and join us.

Love & Angelic Light,


🏵Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness using breath, movement and sound. This ceremonial experience begins with eye-gazing, movement, touch, deep sharing and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular breathing. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of deep presence, heart-opening and connection.

This powerful practice of consciously connecting with and activating our breath opens a sacred doorway into the unseen realms, giving us access to ancient mysteries, intuitive insights, potent healing, integration, alignment & activation.

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