• Anita Hamilton

‘It’s Time to Cross the ThresHold!!!’                                     🦅🌈🦅


                 The potent portal is, Here.


                    The divine~time is, Now.





On the uprising tsunami of LOVE (over fear) purifying the planet .💗

What you resist, shall persist... 🙏

Can you sit, and drop in to this extra long and luxurious transmission embraced in the harmonising green light of Tara, and Mother Nature’s cornucopia...receiving her confirmation of abundant blessings for All?


        ‘Oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā’

Tibetan Buddhist Mantra to resolve and dissolve fear & ignorance and offering healing and protection to all sentient be~ings.💚

                     Sacred love & light,




Yoga, Chakradance, Shamanic journey, energy healing

🌈Earth Warrior Oracle

🌹Rumi Oracle

Both by amazing Alana Fairchild

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