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As Earth Keepers it is so powerful, purifying & profoundly peace-full to 'Drop-in' to Self, and to experience one's 'True-Nature'. And, so very much necessary in order to nourish & nurture the enCHANTing essence of our Soul.

As we breathe out, the lungs of the planet (trees) breathe in.

The equilibrium of giving and receiving is felt in balanced, blissful measure as we feel the sustainability of breathing fully and deeply into the wonderment of LIFE.

My blessing for you is to welcome some divine-time in to this day - to DROP IN and feel the depth and richness of your breath, the reverence of your surrounding natural landscapes as a reflection of your inner sanctuary, the sunlight shining from withIn your soul and the heightened presence of LOVE flowing and nourishing every intricate corner of your luscious-life.

Angel Tips to activate this...

-Be present with every step on the earth. Your earth-walk. Earth Time. Meandering mindfully, rather than pacing, pushing and forcing your way through your day. Barefoot walking is even more powerful to release old entries and to awaken new frequencies of vitality from sole to Soul!

- Practise the PAUSE - breathe in, breathe out. Fully. Deeply. Each in breath is filled with vital energy, each out breath is releasing...letting go. -invite a few moments in the glorious out-doors. Notice the sensation of the temperature surrounding you - hot, cold, moist, dry. How does it make you feel?

-bless your food, water throughout the day

-bring some fresh flowers or greenery into your home/work/creative space. To act as an altar of the earth. Please offer gratitude to the plants and ask permission before cutting/collecting/foraging for flower and plant materials.

-Send blessings of gratitude to the Earth/Pachamama through prayer, thought, chant, vision - offering healing and sustenance and to be respectful and reverent for all of the support that she provides for you and ALL sentient be-ings.

-play some music that brings in the earth tones/instrumentation and assists with deeper relaxation, cenetredness and calmness. Deva Premal and Sacred Earth are a great place to start... xo

Or.. Anita Hamilton on Spotify - I have a playlist you are most welcome to tune into :).

-Mantra repetition (devotional prayer through chanting 108x). I invite you to call upon

'Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha' - tuning into the BLISS of the Divine and to connect with our own Divinity by paying reverence to Lord Krishna. This chant will leave you feeling very joyful and blissful. Here is a link to Divine Deve Premals offering of this sacred song.

Bountiful blessings to you on the 'Beauty Way' of living more mindfully and magically in the natural cycles and rhythms on Earth at this time.

This ballistically blissful moment was captured by Sammy - aka HUNTER and GATHERER from !


Anita <3

Anita Hamilton

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