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Show UP for YourSelf! Immersion 2020 with Anita Hamilton

🌟Show UP for YourSelf !🌟 Immersion 2020

💎Initiation / Activation / Expansion💎

A guided journey to AWAKEN the gifts that already reside within,

and explore the PEACE & POWER this brings to your life.

🏵March to August 2020 - SIX Sacred Sunday offerings plus weekend Retreat!

Foundations of Yoga

Devotional Practise

Meditation & Mantra

Angelic & Divine Communication

Crystals & Chakras


Plus a Soulful weekend Retreat!


🦅’Early~Eagle’ Offering on NOW!🦅

🔥🔥 Payable by 14th February, 2020🔥🔥

I am so deLIGHted and excited to release my deeper soul work teachings for this year. These interludes are transformational and soul enriching, elevating your current level of consciousness and inviting you to live your life with more passion, purpose and PEACE!

Here is some further info on what we will JOURNEY with when we come together each month.

So to reiterate:

March 8 to August 16th One Sunday each month

You can do individual immersions - part journey

or ALL 6 immersions plus the weekend retreat for the FULL journey which HIGHLY recommend!

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How wonderful to feel ‘curious’ with life, seeking to explore new pathways & experiences destined to awaken, ‘remember’, refine & enrich your highest calling and truth.

Our ‘Show UP for YourSelf’ offering in 2020, will offer a series of Immersions to dive deeper into your Body, Mind & Spirit, releasing entanglements and attachments, fine~tuning the inherent sacred gifts you embody, and inspiring you to explore a myriad of spiritual tools & techniques to accompany your RISE in consciousness.

To invite remembrance, awakening, initiation, accountability & expansive self~growth, we will explore the following:

Immersion ONE: Foundations of YOGA

Sacred Sunday March 8, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

A warm welcome to the ‘Journey’ you are embarking on, Initiation of our ‘family of light’ for 2020 with a beautiful ceremony to acknowledge coming together in circle and to seed your intentions. The foundations of Yoga will be explored ~ ethics, pathways, as a way of be~ing and how to integrate these teachings into your daily life. We will also investigate correct asana alignment (and traditional Sanskrit pronunciations) for some of the ‘key’ poses (ie. Sun Salutation, Warrior, Triangle) ~ providing you with inspiration & confidence to create your own daily asana practise.

Immersion TWO: Sacred Space

Sacred Sunday March 29, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

Learn how to create and hold your own sacred space at home/work for yoga/meditation/self~ care. Oracle cards will be introduced as a powerful divination tool for daily connection and reflection. We will share tips and techniques on how to work more intuitively and deeply with Oracle cards, empowering you to deepen your relationship with the Divine. Asana sequencing (warmup, peak, warm down) will be explored, tapping into your creativity and intuition to serve as your ‘guide’ in formulating a personal yoga practise that is in alignment with/for you.

Immersion THREE: Meditation

Sacred Sunday May 3, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

Meditation is my Medication! Move into the power, beauty and timelessness of this sacred practise. There will be discussion on the different types and ways to meditate (ie. guided, still, silent, moving, sound healing). Moving deeper into ceremony with self, the use of Mantra will be further explored and how/why to use a Mala (prayer beads) as part of your practise. We will also share/practise some yogic breath techniques (ie. Ujayi, Nadi Shodhan, Bellow’s).

Immersion FOUR: Communing with the Angels

Sacred Sunday May 31, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

Discover how to connect with the Angelic realms and how to communicate more directly with these divine messengers. You will also experience a guided meditation where you will be given the opportunity to meet your very own Guardian Angel/s. Oracle cards will be shared with an introduction on how to conduct an Angel Card Reading to self/others.

Immersion FIVE: Chakras and Crystals

Sacred Sunday June 21, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

Learning how to connect with the 7 main wheels of light within, known as Chakras. How to locate, balance & learn about their properties/benefits. Crystals will also be incorporated into this immersion, offering techniques on how to work, initiate, cleanse & heal with them. As well as a beautiful ChakraDance ceremony.

Immersion SIX: The Shaman’s Way

Sacred Sunday July 19, 2020 ~ 10am till 4pm

The Illuminated Warrior ~ moving deeper into ritual and ceremony by sharing a journey through the Peruvian medicine wheel ~ shamanic teachings & totems of Serpent (South), Puma (West), Hummingbird (North) and Eagle/Condor (East). Discussion of plant medicines and how to create your own nature mandala.

Immersion SEVEN: RETREAT (for whole journey participants only)

Saturday August 15, 2020 ~ 9am till 9pm

Sunday August 16, 2020 ~ 9am till 1230pm

Yoga (Vin/Yin and Restorative), Meditation, Reflection, Celebration, Summation,

including Special Guests and Fire Ceremony.


Daily Self Connection ~ ritual affirmation, journaling, meditation, asana,

Practise of allocated Mantra (new one each month)

Individual Inquiry through research, reading, staying curious!

Private Facebook Group to stay connected

How wonder-full to answer the call that ignites & excites your Spirit!

*These sacred offerings will add awareness, insight, ascension & self~devotion by discovering new bridges of love and light within one’s Soul, and a myriad of magical tools for you to take with you on your Life Journey.

*All immersions take place at Angelight Soul Sanctuary, Gumdale Qld

*No previous experience/certifications required…open to ALL divine beings.

These offerings are for you if you are new on the path of self discovery,

Wishing to learn/refresh tool and techniques for self connection, or if you are already certified in some of these modalities and wish to renew and elevate your practise and devotional path of living more passionately and purposefully.

*Special Guests/Messengers may be invited to Immersions to

enrich the experience on offer.

*A beautiful banquet of food/treats will be offered at each Immersion and time allocated to nourish/hydrate with a picnic in the beautiful natural surrounds. Devotees will each bring a plate to share.

*Certificate will be issued upon completion of ‘Full Journey’

*Participation Certificate will be issued for ‘Part Journey’

SOUL Investment~ All prices listed are in $AUD

*Full Journey $3200 (early bird of $2888 if deposit is paid prior to February 14th2020)

*Part Journey $448 per Immersion (6 on offer)

*Deposit $999(to secure your sacred space, non-refundable)

*Please ‘reach out’ if you wish to discuss payment planoptions.

*Angelight Yoga 10 Class Passspecial offering of $250

Valid from March to September 2020 with ‘Full Journey’

I invite you to step forward be~loved, and heighten this wondrous “journey of the Self,

through the Self, to the Self!” (Carl Jung)

In gratitude, love and light… Anita

Namaste Be~loved Devotees!


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