• Anita Hamilton

So much MORE than a Bend and Stretch


Ahhh the deep embodiment of conscious breath filling up your lungs, massaging your muscles, running through your meridians (inner song lines), toning and purifying from the Inside out ....whilst welcoming the anchoring blessings of stability, strength and SALVATION.

This devotional path of Yoga forever unleashes it's bountiful medicine withIN my soul, every breath, asana, mantra and most of all awareness and appreciation of the here and now moment.

Presence, my love. The GREATEST GIFT OF ALL.

With Self.

With the inhale and exhale.

The rise, the fall.

The eternal witness to any/all attachment, expectation, perceived limitation......




Ebbing and Flowing.

Growing and Glowing.


One purposefully precious and sacred bend and stretch at a time...


with Anita

7pm Tuesday - 10am Fridays

I was first 'called' to the practise of Yoga in 1996. I was living in Sydney at the time and my local community was offering casual sessions in a church hall. I instantly felt a feeling of connection. This was new to me..coming from inside, not from the outside.

Bending, stretching and feeling a deeper sense of peace and calm.

It was all in Me. For Me. Through Me.

I then stretched my wings and did a few stints of backpacking and living on boats as professional crew surging and swelling from port to port - exploring many magical places and sacred spaces...rolling out my mat/towel/scarf yoga anytime, anyplace, anyhow. :)

AND the Wanderlust of Yoga...

LIFE AS YOGA became more and more ALIVE and omnipresent.

So after putting some roots down in Brisbane 2007, I was 'called' once again :) but this time to go deeper. To 'remember'. So I signed up for teacher training with My Health Yoga and powerfully woke up to the 'teacher within'. It truly felt like the substance that made everything prior to this, stick. This part of my journey took me on new INroads, revelations and most of all cultivated the foundation that continues to fuel my path as a Devotee. Bursting to share these teachings and Yogic practises I have opened up our home (as mumma to 3 earth angels and supportive, loving husband, plus a myriad of flora and fauna ) - very much a Sanctuary to the community - to 'come home' to Self. Whether that be through a chat, a hug/cry/smile, a yoga class, meditation, angel reading, healing session, sacred circle/ immersion work to get in touch with the 'true you' and to JUST DO YOU... as well as the new MOVEMENT of Chakradance TM launching next week. ALL IS and ARE welcome here xo

SO here it is...

I enCOURAGE you to stay CURIOUS, to have no fixed agenda, but to RESPOND to all that ignites and lights a spark in your Spirit. Yes. More of this.

Do I know what is around the corner....absoultely not :) and this is the most bless-ed gift & revelation of all, for I am no longer in my own way and as a result living harmoniously, happily, passionately, purposefully and in the EQUILIBRIUM of All.

May you continue to trust, truly trust that all is unfolding exactly as it is meant to and whatever is meant for you, your highest self, will not pass you by. This lesson and blessing has most certainly been my guiding light - and it continues to light my way as I continue to evolve, shift, grow and grow and glow some more on my walk/dance/meander HOME to Self.

- please visit for some more info on our current offerings.

I would love to share with you.

Love and light


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