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🌈🌞Soul-ar Eclipse’🌈🌞


Calling all you ‘Capricorn😉 Dancers’ to  smile, shine and sparkle your glowing,  crystal clear intentions through today’s heightened portal of Magik & Manifestation. There is SO much cosmic support for you right now be~loved... soak it in to your radiant soul and welcome your true colours to shine through, guiding your way INwards, ONwards & UPwards! 🙌🌈🤩🙌

♑️Final New Moon December 26, 2019 315pm Brisbane, Australia   🌿Capricorn, Earth Sign

You will not physically see the new moon in the night sky for it is the 'darkest phase' of the lunar cycle. It becomes a very fertile time in your life, cyclically planting new soul seeds each month and then nurturing these intentions with positivity, mantra, prayer, light and NOURISHMENT. New Moons = new beginnings, new ideas, new perspectives/attitudes/beliefs.

Capricorn New Moon Ritual:

Light a candle

Write down your intentions - and bury them with love in the Earth

Take a bare foot walk on the earth and mindfully seed your intentions and manifestations into the sacred soil

Chant the Gayatri Prayer to show the summon the lightWAY and beauty way of your forward journey.

Gayatri Mantra - A Universal Prayer

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual).

Yoga poses that incorporate a crescent moon stretch or some deeper yin folds to the earth where you can be more receptive to the unctuous earth presence and light of lunar grace adorning you on each breath - ie Pigeon Pose. Rajakapotasana. xo

As Capricorn is an earth sign it is a powerful and wonderful time to spend some time in your outdoor surroundings, local landscapes and offer your gratitude and blessings to the Earth. There is so much planetary and light field support right now - pulsing rays of accentuated wisdom, leanings and upgrades to you on all levels of your being. May we pen our hearts, minds and spirits to the evolutionary cycles of change, growth and supportive soul EXPANSION.

The new moon frequency will be at its peak at 315pm Brisbane time. I will endeavour to hold a sacred ceremony (also call in your soul tribe energetically to join you) by responding to a sacred space here in our outdoor sanctuary - to gift my 2020 intentions into the richness of the soil. I will be offering you all collective blessings at this time.

May this message serve much Devotional Love & Light to you, 💃Anita

😇 📸       ‘Summer🌈Sunshine🌞Solstice’

🧚‍♀️But wait, there’s more...!🧚‍♀️

Earth your feet darling, take a few deep soothing bReaths and Invite this magiKal message ~from the ‘MoonWoman’ ~ to marinate into your deliciously RADIANT  be~ing. InJOY!🙏

🌚🌻Greetings Divine Beings!🌚🌻

💖’We’re feeling into the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, the sign of structure, order and stability. Many of you will have been deconstructing every area of your lives over the past 6 months in preparation for this solar eclipse and perhaps saying the groundwork, the new foundations for this a new beginning that will seed the next 6 months.   New Moon is the ideal time to stop & take stock of what we’ve been through and how it changed us by altering our perceptions to inform our future plans and behaviour. Given this is the last new moon for 2019 and the entire decade, this is an ideal time to do a say good-bye to the past chapter by doing a ceremony to release the old energies.

♑️Moon in Capricorn Archetypal Energy: The Father / Empire Builder Lesson: To establish a legacy in practical ways We all create a legacy through every choice we make. Unconscious choices create a legacy that puts the responsibility on the next generation to wear the impact of our irresponsibility. Whereas conscious choices create a legacy that empowers the next generation with wisdom and a strong foundation on which to build upon the gains of the last in a way that endures and supports the next generation. During patriarchy this took the form of family businesses / professions that often imposed a rigid set of values on the next generation and social pressure to uphold them. This shift into the next decade compels us NOW is the time to commit to invest time, money, effort in new foundations and platforms that are in alignment with the values of the Aquarian Age; those that serve the collective and future generations. For as we turn the corner into 2020, the year of the Saturn. Jupiter conjunction we will witness the old pillars crumble whose foundations have been cracking and revealing their impending fall. I speak of the the money system traded as futures and built upon unsustainable commodities like fossil fuels. The Earth is our true foundation so we need to invest in her by growing food to sustain our bodies, harnessing natural energy sources and creating social structures that support the growth of our relationships through developing psycho-emotional maturity. I am speaking of rite of passage ceremonies and sharing circles. Now is the final warning to restructure our lives so they’re in alignment with the internal shift to honour our heart’s desire to live as one, sharing what we have without greed or competition…creating a unilateral society. Those in positions of external authority will acknowledge the new leaders of the Aquarian Age whose innovative thinking inspires others. This is the changing of the guard we have been waiting for. Cappy new moon is an opportunity to face our life responsibly by deeply considering the impact of our past actions. Journalling is a great practical way to start that process of personal accountability. Sharing circles are another great way of publicly acknowledging one’s karma. This is how we will mature as a species. If you haven’t already, this is the 11th hour to ensure the foundation you’re building on is solid and stable – whether that’s your marriage, business, home or health. Or come January 12 it’s likely to fall. This is a time to scrutinise the various platforms on which your life is built and question their durability in the current conditions as everything is set to suddenly change in 2020! If you’ve started to notice the cracks, great! That means you know where to start drawing up your DIY improvement plans. Cappy gifts us the staying power to fix what’s worth fixing by applying a determined attitude to get the job done right. This is a great attitude and approach to start the New Year and the new decade! Consider starting a sharing circle for men or women in your local community to strengthen everyone through the intensity of the transition phase we’re are experiencing in our Global rebirth…

This new moon eclipse occurs on the south node highlighting the legacy we’ve inherited from our family lineages and society as whole.

Like the saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ the dysfunction that distorted our growth once understood becomes a source of wisdom and inner strength that inspires us to be the change. The square to Chiron of sun and moon offers us a window to make our peace with what we agreed to endure in the knowledge it was the perfect foundation for us to fulfil our highest destiny as change makers ushering in a new world.

It’s inevitable that life presents us with a series of challenges, according to the degree we step up to the plate. We may try to hide to avoid external challenges but this is futile as we cannot escape them manifesting internally in the form of depression, one of the shadow traits of Capricorn.

This new moon is an opportunity to acknowledge the fears your small self may have with your current opportunities for growth. Only by awakening the positive inner father with can we transcend the fear-based inner saboteur whose critical thinking minimises our expansion. Or the shadow father will cite endless reasons to avoid growth and contract in the name of security. We can buckle and fold or we can send our roots down deeper to support us to grow into our fullest potential.

So access the good father however you can to transcend the reign of the shadow father…with the mentoring you need in your area of weakness. For we are not born knowing everything and to be truly responsible sometimes have to admit we feel lost like a child in an adult’s world, for us to be truly able to respond. We live in a time where the majority of people have been under-fathered due to lower expectations of men to be part of child rearing in previous generations. For generations Dads have emulated the ‘strong’ silent type (like John Wayne). Men who never admitted their weaknesses so they unwittingly sabotaged what they tried to build. The good father acknowledges where he needs help with love instead of judgment towards his inner child / youth.

Blessings on your way, 🌙Tanishka

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