• Anita Hamilton

Total ECLIPSE of the Heart


Total ECLIPSE of the Heart ❤️✨🌏✨🌞✨🌕✨❤️

A SUPER beautiful Blood Moon ~ FULL Lunar ECLIPSE~ in the sign of Leo🦁 is calling us us to surge on the king~tides of wavering emotions withIN... and with forgiveness, acceptance and understanding... LET GO of what no longer serves our Soul.

It has most certainly been a couple of weeks of cleansing, purging and de~cluttering in the ‘wake~up’ of a gorgeous New Year.

Can you relate?💜🌹💜

And in moving forward, the Angels invite us to step into the full sovereignty of our LION💖HEARTs, with great leadership, courage and most of all LOVE, in all that we are and all that we do.🙏

Aaaand what a powerful day for our in~Studio Sessions to FIRE UP🌟for 2019! In all of my FULLNESS and illumination I am ‘bursting’ with wisdom and teachings to share with you all👏🥰😇🧘‍♀️.

💎Meditation 930am with Kurt 🧘‍♀️YOGA with Anita 11am 😇Angel/Energy Healings

Roaring love & light, Anita❤️


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