A healing and harmonising journey via your e-platform of choice (ie. Zoom, Messenger)

Incorporating Oracle Cards & Intuition for our divine discussion, guidance and answers to your life questions. Inviting energy blocks to be removed & new energy activated and awakened through the use of Reiki & Angelic/Shamanic/Ancient energy healing techniques. These interludes leave you feeling blissful & balanced from the inside out.

$250 exchange - paid in advance. 


Please allow TWO hours for these deep and transformational soul sessions.


I look forward to our sacred time together.






Healing and Harmonising Session

  • Every possible care will be taken to ensure your well-being and safety throughout our time shared together, however, these offerings are intended as guidance only and are not intended to replace medical assistance or treatment. It is most important that you realise your own responsibility to yourself, and therefore necessary for you to please energetically sign the following agreement.


    I understand that instruction and information provided throughout my course/session with Angelight Yoga (Angelight Australia) is intended only as guidance, and I take full responsibility for myself at all times.

  • Please reach out for further direction if the times allocated for session times in the booking system do not suit you due to work commitments or time differences due to your global location.  

    We can customise a time that flows and aligns best to serve your needs and requirements.