When our base/root chakra ~ Muladhara~ is healthy and balanced, we will have good physical health and good energy levels. We will feel love and respect for our bodies, and feel comfortable in the skin we are in. Feeling anchored in the root chakra invites new levels of trust, resourcefulness and synchronisation to our primal & natural instincts. 

This full day of enquiry and exploration will invite us to tune into the innate wisdom of our own bodies, deepen our connection with the base/root chakra through chanting, body movement, meditation & mandala art drawing… as well as deepen our relationship to new earth frequencies, and tuning into the presence & guardianship of our very own power animal.

               When:   Saturday 7thNovember, 2020

                               9am to 5pm

               Where:  Shambhala Sanctuary, Gumdale. Qld, Australia.

               Why:      To reconnect, ground & energise with your Physical Body &  

                                Mother Earth, as well as come together as a community.

               Whom:  All beautiful be~ings, from 16 years+

                                NO previous experience required. 


                Exchange: A$150 ~ includes Vegetarian Lunch

                               Paid in full & in advance to secure your sacred space. 


                  Book NOW: https://www.anitahamilton.co/shop


                   I feel so deeply called to share this sacred offering with you all.  

             Now more than ever, may we harness this opportunity to strengthen our foundations of physical health &  well-being, offer gratitude and generosity to our sacred Earth Mother and create a sustainable and secure  ‘base’ with a thriving connection to family, career & community. 




ReBoot your Base Chakra - FULL DAY Workshop