Join us on journey of movement, breathwork, sound, sacred medicines, purification ceremonies and so much more.


🏵Friday 14th May ~ 6pm - 10pm

Initiating our ceremonial space and welcoming free flowing mind and movement... and the opportunity to D.E.L.V.E. into the unknown & hidden aspects of self. Inviting full and authentic expression through a myriad of experiences, we shall come full circle and close the night sitting in nourishingly noble SILENCE


🏵Saturday 15th May ~ 9:30am - 9pm

We greet this brand new day with softness and sovereignty...connecting with our inner Mastery, through exploration of breath, wisdom talks and energy clearing (from all conditioning).

🌿We will honour Mother Earth with sacred connection through ritual and sharing of her grounding and healing medicines in preparation for our final quest ~ a Purification Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) on Saturday Evening.


🙏During this period you will have access to 4 amazingly supportive and dedicated Facilitators, who with their collective years of experience allow the full spectrum of healing and harmony to anchor, align and activate your body, mind and spirit.


And so shall we RISE 🙌


One Mind 💙

One Light 💛

One Heart 💖


To secure your place there are two payment options.  Paid in full $555 through this link or a non-refundable deposit of $250 with the remaining balance to be finalised by May 8th 2021.  If you are wanting option 2 please send an email to reachout@anitahamilton.co


Your Magical Facilitators for the weekend


Anita Hamilton 

Belinda McKnoulty

Kurt Iwanina

Aaron Thompson 


"RISE" - Weekend Collaboration