🔥 ’Purification Ceremony’ 🔥 

                Saturday February 6th, 2021

We invite you to join us in a ‘Purification (Sweat) Ceremony’, working reverently and closely with Mother~Earth, and the bountiful practises of self-loving-connection. We shall weave and take you on an inspirational adventure infused with ceremonial practises to invite inner revealing, purifying, healing and transformation for your body, mind and spirit. These ceremonies are a space to deepen & discover in gratitude, joy, love & grace..all of the beauty, wisdom and truth that lies within. 

❤️Divine Details:
🧡Shambhala Sanctuary ~ Gumdale
💛Exchange ~ $200 Pre-Paid 
💚When ~ Saturday 6th February, 2021
💙Time ~ 3pm to 9pm
💜‘Sweat Ceremony’ Weaver Aaron Thompson ... with fire keeper Kurt Iwanina and myself. 

💜 Inclusions: ritual and initiation to connect with the healing medicine of Mother Earth, sacred sweat ceremony, sharing circle and a deliciously grounding cuppaSoup to nourish the soul.

♥️ 15 spaces allocated... & filling up fast xo
⛺️The earth container (nature’s womb) for this offering has been reverently built and blessed on our Shambhala Sanctuary land. Prayers offered during this Ceremony draw on all the powers of the universe — Earth, Water, Fire and Air to purify, heal & strengthen the body, mind and spirit, whilst assisting with the rebirth, connection and clarity to self. The heat is used in order to cleanse and purify your energy system for well~being, by communing on the earth in a sacred way, whilst equally giving & receiving the blessings with feminine energies of Mother Earth and masculine energies of the sacred Fire. 

🏹For Further Details and bookings
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         Transformational Love & Light,


'Purification Ceremony'