Guiding Your Journey with~in

This is what it feels like at one of Anita Love Light’s Yoga Immersion Classes on Wednesday nights at her home in Gumdale. 
You Will Feel So Incredibly Held. You will leave having learnt spiritual teachings, transformation of mind and body, taken part in the ancient knowledge of Mudra’s, experienced the sweetness of singing Mantras,  as well as them resonating through your cells while your body moves from one Asana to another like moving through velvety chocolate that your body has been craving and longing for 🧘‍♀️

Last night we learnt of the story of Ganesha ~ Oh My Ganesha God ~ and sat listening to the teachings of Anita while sitting on our mats similar to children listening to a bedtime story on the edge of their beds hanging onto every word. 
Thankyou My Sacred Sister for all you have to offer this world. Being with you always makes me feel like I am home.
Blessings to you on This day, and forever more 🙏 




Weekly sessions are no longer being offered.  


 PRIVATE and personalised

YOGA Sessions

Via Zoom or In Studio 

 $150 per hour

You choose the time and intention for the session. Up to 2 people are welcome in these personalised sessions.


ONLINE or IN Studio

Angel Card Readings &

Soul Guidance

Receiving guidance and direction for one aspect of your life.

Ie. Life Purpose, Romance, Health,

Healing, General.

$120 exchange, please allow up to 1 Hour


$8exchange, for Online/Email/Text readings

Please Click Here to secure your booking


ONLINE or IN Studio

 Energy Healing Session 

Incorporating Oracle Cards & Intuition for our divine discussion, guidance and answers to your life questions.

Inviting energy blocks to be removed & new energy activated and awakened through the use of Reiki & Angelic/Shamanic/Ancient energy healing techniques. These interludes leave you feeling blissful & balanced from the inside out.

$250 exchange

Please allow TWO hours for these deep and transformational soul sessions.






 Exclusive offerings throughout the year. Please refer to the Chakradance webpage 

]on this site.


 and Customised Corporate Relief Packages

please reach out for a quote.

These can be arranged via ZOOM or on location - close proximity to Brisbane, Australia. 




   These ONLINE  exclusive offerings are individually tailored so that you can create a ceremony for Self, on your own time and in

                    your own space ….  

a powerful gift that will keep on giving to     your evolving body, mind and soul. 


               PLEASE REACH OUT

      for much more information and soul

                 investment details xo