Subscription Sanctuary

"My lovely!

I've subscribed to your sanctuary and it's just so beautiful, I've had quite a lot of lows and bad mental health days and you are just such an angel. I can't often make it to your classes but can I just say,

I wouldn't go anywhere else to do yoga, thank you for being you, grateful"


~Angel Katie~


A warm and wondrous welcome to our Subscription Sanctuary, an ecstatic and expansive extension to our 'Hiring Haven' of online Yoga sessions & wisdom keeping.  With access to all areas of the 'zen-zone',  this platform is designed to offer an extensive selection of practises to deepen your connection to self and assist your ongoing Journey through life in a inspired, balanced and peaceful way.

This is a safe, supported and reverent online haven to honour, serve and nourish your body, mind and soul by ‘showing up’ on your own divine time and in a sacred space that serves your highest good.

Here we invite you to dive deeper, enquire further and extend you much courage, compassion & support as you take radical responsibility to optimise your health and well-being

(physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).







  Honour your Path 

These online offerings invite dedication to your divinely sovereign self and to the devotional pathways of Yoga and conscious living. There are a variety of practise levels, intensities and experiences.  

Please feel into and review the following:



New to Yoga, lighter and shorter practise session, keen to learn the basics of Yoga.

Yoga Practise Level: Bud

Intensity: Low


This is for you be-loved, if you are new to Yoga, eager to learn the foundations of this ancient practise and called to initiate a feeling of self-connection, and soul-harmonising whilst experiencing some quality ‘me-time’.  Inviting you to ‘show up for yourself’, and establishing new roots for the wellness of your be-ing, these offerings can be accessed on your own divine time and explored at your own pace, by creating ENGAGEment with the here and now moment and living more synergised & energised  in your daily life. 




For those with a good understanding of the basic Yoga asanas and have a strong relationship with synchronisation of breath and movement. Sessions are a longer and deeper adventure along the mat.

Yoga Practise Level: Blossom & The Sacred Garden

Intensity: Low to medium


This more in-depth and en-riched offering is for you be-loved, if you are familiar with the foundations of Yoga and ready to explore a wider variety of Asana styles, length of classes and a myriad of tools and techniques to sustain inner balance and harmony. 

With a heightened appreciation, awareness and connection to energy, you will learn  to move into the flow and rhythm of life with more ease, energy and grace. These asana sessions are lengthier and deepening engagement to self, as blockages, attachments and im-balances release and you EMERGE from the depths of your well-being with a renewed and revitalised spiritual connection and overall sense of inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm for life.




Advanced sessions with longer and juicier asana sessions – a variety of Yoga styles including breathwork and wisdom keeping.

Yoga Practise Level: Bouquet & The Sacred Garden 

Intensity: Medium to High


Asana sessions are longer, with deep soul stretching & greater intensity, inviting wisdom to flow like moving prayer through your body, mind and spirit. 

This platform encourages soul growth, self-mastery, to connect with the guru (teacher) within and is ideal for those who wish to EVOLVE and take their practise to the next level. A myriad of tools and techniques will accompany this subscription including wisdom teachings, mantra & pranayama.

With unwavering commitment, your practise will become more of a ritual than habitual, journeying as a devotee to the divine and living life as a ceremony.


The Sacred Garden: All are welcome here

You are most welcome to attune to ANY of my classes, modifying, adjusting and honouring the practise that serves your highest good at all times. Yoga is also very powerful as a form of visualisation through the transference of vibrational energy. You may wish to watch the whole session as a form of therapy and healing rather than do the physical asanas– and directing the energy into your body. Afterall, 

‘where your awareness goes, the energy flows’.

If your preference is to tune in and practise with some of my offerings only occasionally,

then please visit my 'Hiring Haven', where you can rent a session for 72 hours. 



It is a blessing to connect with you in this way. 

May all of these offerings show, serve and remind you of your magnificence and the miracle you truly are. It feels glorious to come together as a soul family, honouring one light,

one love all guiding each other ‘home’. 


Love & Light,



per month